Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adempiere Talks

7 April 2009 - There was a talk in N24 by Mr. Reduan Daniel Oon. Well he prefer to call him just Red1. It's an overwhelming talk, he's quite a funny guy, there was lots of laugh and everything was fun. Even the school students enjoying the events and participate in the Q & A session. For an International Speaker like him, it was really something.

I've just attended the talk in the morning and decided not to proceed for the workshop in FSKSM afterwards. Got lunch meeting with suppliers from KL.

(I was here)

But any way, here's what I understand about Adempiere from the session. It's an enterprise solution for ERP (Economic Resource Planning). Basically a rival for SAP, the leading solution for that matter currently in the world. The different is SAP costs millions and Adempiere none.

(I was not)

Here's my thought. Adempiere is a good open source solution that evolve from time to time by hundreds of its researchers worldwide. So there's no doubt that this product is really the best choice for the company who dont want to spent much to manage their HR or other resources.

My question is... what type of company in Malaysia that really need an ERP solution? Big company of course, that has millions in annual turnover and more than 100 staffs under the roof. The real question is do they really want to take the risk to let a FREE solution like this to manage the resources that contribute millions in their revenue? What happen when there's hiccups here and there? Can they really rely on the open source guys who scattered all over the Internet to do the messy troubleshooting? Do we even know this people?

(Mr Red1. Check the 'Kebun' at the back. Who says 'Tukang Kebun' cannot go International. Respek betul la mamat ni)

Yes, SAP costs millions. But there are profesionals that got hired just to make sure everything goes well. I heard they even provide insurance if there's problem due to system failure or misconduct of maintenance works that lead to losses or affects company's revenue.

I wonder how many companies in Malaysia today is using Adempiere in their operation. Even Energetic Point Sdn Bhd as the company who introduce this to us is not promoting the solution in their website.

Well that was just a little thought from me.. no heart feeling aaa... hehe..

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